About the photographer

My photographic roots started at the age of 13 with the acquisition of my first camera, a Practika MTL3. This camera brought me great joy and although it was at best basic it taught me all of the techniques that were needed to take good pictures, techniques which are still needed now that I use far superior equipment. After the Practika I converted to Canon and have been a fan and a user ever since, and as soon as funds permitted I 'went' digital.
I decided to  pursue photography professionally in 2004 and have reveled in the extra time that this has afforded for 'face-to-face' time with wildlife. The decision was partly prompted by my move to Australia and the realization of the fantastic opportunities that this wonderful country offers for the wildlife photographer. I literally saw the light!

My love for the animal world is lifelong but the transition to photographing the animal kingdom really came after my first trip to Africa and the hugely fauna-rich plains of Kenya. The revelation that this was what I wanted to do was instant and the National Parks of Africa remain my biggest draw. However, Australia is a fantastic location for photography and having the opportunity to spend time with animals like koalas, kangaroos and wombats is very special to me. I now volunteer at a wildlife park which has helped me gain an even better understanding of my 'subjects'.

Recent trips have included a third visit to Kangaroo Island (seals, koalas, 'roos and echidnas) and a few days back on Heron Island ( turtles and noddies). The recent Tasmania trip was a huge success and some of the results can be seen on the images-mammals page. A wider selction of the pictures gained on this trip can be seen on the Alamy site, I hope you like them. Pictures from my African trips can be seen here.

Apart from offering a selection of my images (as prints) on this site, the broadest range of my work can be seen at Alamy.com

My thanks go out to my wife, Alyson, for having the patience and understanding that all wildlife photographers' wives need, to Andrew Forsyth (http://www.thewildlifephotographer.com/)for his support and friendship, and to Craig Townsend (
http://mindtraining.net) for his continuing support in the development of this site.

Gerry Pearce