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Heron Island
Wildlife calendar
January: Active bird life. This month is the peak breeding season for sea birds, particularly Black Noddies, Mutton Birds and Reef Herons. Female Turtles are laying eggs on the beach and hatchlings are making their way to the sea. Average rainfall 196mm Average temperature min 23.6C max 29.8C Average water temperature min 26.5C max 30.5C

February: Wedge tailed Shearwater Mutton Bird chicks hatching Female Turtles still laying. Average rainfall 136mm Average temperature min 23.5C max 29.5C Average water temperature min 26.5C max 30.5C

March: Migratory birds - Ruddy Turn-stone and Eastern Golden Plover depart the Island Birds still nesting End of turtle nesting season. Average rainfall 155.99mm Average temperature min 23.3C max 29.0C Average water temperature min 25.0C max 28.0C

April: Noddies departing the Island Young Wedge-tail Shearwater birds (Puffinus pacificus) leave their burrows Adult Shearwaters leave the Island Average rainfall 79.0mm Average temperature min 21.6C max 27.3C Average water temperature min 23.2C max 27.0C

May: Last of the turtle hatchling leave their nests Young Wedge-tailed Shearwaters are still learning to fly Average rainfall 109.7mm Average temperature min 19.4C max 24.4C Average water temperature min 19.5C max 23.0C

June: Humpback Whales northern migration begins Average rainfall 105mm Average temperature min 16.2C max 21.8C Average water temperature min 19.0C max 22.0C

July: Humpback Whales frequently sighted Reef Herons start building their nests Average rainfall 90.5mm Average temperature min 16.2C max 21.4C Average water temperature min 18.0C max 23.0C

August: Black Noddies begin returning Humpback Whale sightings Average rainfall 46.2mm Average temperature min 14.6C max 26.0C Average water temperature min 20.0C max 23.0C

September: Humpback Whales active Black Noddies are now returning Turtle mating may be seen. Northern Hemisphere migratory birds start returning Average rainfall 26.1mm Average temperature min 15.8C max 27.0C Average water temperature min 20.0C max 24.0C

October: Whales and their calves now heading south to the Antarctic Resident Silver Eyes and Black Noddies nesting Wedge-tailed Shearwaters return Turtle mating may be observed Average rainfall 43.5mm Average temperature min 16.7C max 29.0C Average water temperature min 20.0C max 26.0C

November: Turtle egg laying begins Wedge-tailed Shearwaters nesting begins Black Noddies eggs can be seen in the nest Average rainfall 54.1mm Average temperature min 18.5C max 29.0C Average water temperature min 22.0C max 28.5C The annual synchronised mass spawning

December: Bird life is extremely active Turtles are laying eggs and hatchlings emerging from the sand Coral spawning may occur. Average rainfall 55.8mm Average temperature min 22.0C max 29.4C Average water temperature min 25.0C max 29.0C

Australia is fortunate to have wonderful, unique and iconic wildlife. This site is dedicated to promoting its enjoyment and preservation.
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