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Wildlife Conservation/Rescue Organisations

Birdlife Australia have been around for over 100 years and do a great deal to protect birds and their habitats.

The Australian Conservation Foundation do amazing work to protect and restore native habitats.

AWC is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Australia's wildlife and ecosystems. They have 13 sanctuaries across Australia, protecting 40 threatened ecosystems and 135 threatened animal species. They are a dedicated bunch and if you are of a mind to help out financially this would be a good organization to choose.

WWF is the largest not-for-profit wildlife centred organization in Australia, employing more than 100 people and raising $11M annually. They are professional, dedicated and influential. Well worth supporting.

Can't tell you too much abut Wild Aid but a quick look at their web site seems to portray them as would-be rivals to WWF. Have a look and see what you think.

If you want to make a real difference to the welfare of injured or sick New South Wales wildlife then WIRES is the place to go. Completely not-for-profit and run by volunteers, this group rescue tens of thousands of animals each year.

This is the link to the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. They were established in 1962 and are the oldest, largest and most respected wildlife-focused conservation group in the State of Queensland.Wildlife Information Sites

The Native Animal Network Association, care and rehabilitation of injured wildlife in New South Wales.


Rescuing injured, sick and orphaned wildlife in Victoria.

Wildlife Information - general

This really is a very good place to look for all things animal. Run by the University of Michigan

A truly fantastic site for all things relating to marine fauna, including conservation. If you want more information about any maine animals, including birds, this is the place to look

Another really good site, more of an overview than any great detail, but a good place to start. Deals with research, conservation and education of urban Australian birds.

This site provides species specific links to lots of other sites. You get a range of information options, from those specifically aimed at children to those offered by the state parks and wildlife service. Thus the amount of information available is very impressive, although the lists of bird and mammals covered is far from comprehensive. I recommend this as a great first place to look.

Good general information on a wide range of Australian animals and issues.

http://www.nativefish.asn.au The number one site for all things Australian fish.

Specific Animals

This is a good site for information on devils, especially useful for anyone wanting an update on Devil Facial Tumor Disease.

A very good site for information about koalas.

The National Wildlife Foundation is an American organisation dedicated to preserving wildlife and utilising the resouces of volunteers to achieve this.

This site gives a brief overview of wombats and has a whole load of links to all things wombat.

This is another site which has little information of its own but plenty of useful links.

Personally I love this site. It's from the University of Michigan and is worth a good look around because there's loads of information on most of Australia's animals (as well of course as many others). This section is on Tasmanian devils.

The Australian Dingo Conservation Association site.

An essential site for anyone interested in the dingo.

Wildlife Areas

An essential site for anyone visiting NSW's national parks. Great information on the wildlife present and heaps more besides.

An excellent site for all things fauna (and flora) Tasmania.

Other sites..

http://www.thewildlifephotographer.com/ - The work of leading UK wildlife photographer, Andrew Forsyth

http://www.opencolleges.edu.au/careers/why-how-to-become-a-zookeeper - A great site for anyone interested in working inthe zoo industry

http://www.PhotoLinks.com PhotoLinks - The Photography Network

Allen Davis Fine Art Nature Photography - poster-size images, landscape photography, wildlife photography, sports photography.

Wolf Kettler, Portrait Photographer - Portrait photographer Wolf Kettler shoots people - on location, in black and white, in style.

World Website Directory Directory - New South Wales Directory

FreePhotoGallery - searchable directory of photography and professional photographers.